Should You Choose an In-House Marketing Team or Outsource to an Agency?

Both have their advantages and disadvatanges, but there is one clear winner for small businesses.

Marketing is an entirely different monster from what it once was. Listings in your local phone book are no longer enough, and you don’t have the time to run a business and keep up with ever-shifting marketing trends. It’s time to outsource—but who can you trust with the identity of your brand?

It’s been a long path to getting your business to this point, and now there is a fork in the road. You can either take the path of hiring an in-house marketing team, or hiring an all-inclusive marketing agency. Let’s dig in.

In-house marketing teams present the advantage of being as committed to your company as you are. They are all you, all the time. Having an in-house marketing team also gives you the opportunity to monitor your team as closely as you may need, leaving less room for error.

However, in-house marketing teams are not all they are cracked up to be. First, let’s break down this phrase “in-house marketing team.” A complete in-house marketing team in 2018 consists of a digital marketing manager, a web designer, a social media manager, an SEO marketer, a content writer, and graphic designer. The inclusion of each of these positions will ensure that your marketing strategy will be as complete as it need be. However, each of these team members come at the price of salary. Each one of these occupations demand a salary between $50,000 and $70,000 a year.

Sure, you’re a small business in search of big results, but does that mean paying a big price?

In short, no.

Keep reading to find your solution.

When you hire a marketing agency, you aren’t hiring a group of individuals who you hope will work well together. You are contracting a well-oiled machine with a diversity of experience. There is an advantage in hiring outside help. While it’s true that an in-house agency will be all about you, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. As a matter of fact, it can cause one of the most common marketing mistakes: knowing your brand better than your audience. Marketing agencies have the advantage of perspective. Good agencies take the time to learn your brand inside and out, and take the time to learn your target market even better. Marketing agencies also win by a landslide as far as affordability, as you can pay by project or by campaign.

In conclusion, although the temptation to hire your own in-house team is understandable, a marketing agency is a better choice in the long run. Once you find a good agency that you trust, they will know your brand just as well as any in-house team, and they are certain to know your target market even better.

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