4 Ways to Market Your Small Business On a Budget

If your small business needs a boost, there are five easy changes you can make to your marketing strategy that will break the wall you’ve run into without breaking the bank.

You’ve put in all the hard work getting your business off the ground and have earned each customer you’ve got. Positive reviews and referrals have gotten you this far, but for some reason you’ve hit a wall. New clients just aren’t coming in like they should, and you don’t have it in your budget to create a commercial or buy a billboard. You need something creative, something simple, and something that works.

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading.

If your small business is getting slept on, there are five easy changes you can make to your marketing strategy that WILL break the wall you’ve run into WITHOUT breaking the bank.

  1. Flyer distribution

Flyer distribution is the fastest, most cost-efficient way to become a household name. Each step of the process—from your request to distribution itself—is handled in-house. Handling the middle steps ourselves help us to keep your price low and to keep production running as smoothly as possible. At Miava, our flyer passers meet your target market at home, and leave your ads on doorknobs to ensure that flyers make it onto the kitchen counter and away from the trashcan.

  1. Wildposting

Wildposting is the strategy you’ve always seen and never heard of. In this process, your promotional materials are repeatedly posted on the same surface to create a mosaic mural that is all about you. You may have seen this strategy employed for upcoming concerts, but with Miava, your business becomes the star of the show.

  1. Feather flags and banners

Feather flags are a must for any small business interested in taking foot traffic from the streets and through their front door. Towering over 10 ft tall, these signs are certain to attract attention. Banners are also essential for any grand openings and special occasions in need of an extra oomph.

  1. Vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of few investments that you can make that are certain to generate thousands of impressions a day indefinitely for only one price. Whether you choose a simple design that lets your logo do the talking, or a full-color full-design wrap, a car wrap is certain to drive your business through the roof.

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