sochi not so clean

In order for a country to host the Olympics, its ability to host the Olympics is measured by its levels of governmental support, general infrastructure, sport venues, Olympic Village(s), environmental conditions and impact, accommodation, transport, past experience, finance, and safety and experience. In Russia’s scramble to prepare for the Olympics and host this legendary event, it has made several promises it has not been able to keep. Among these are promises of the “cleanest Olympics ever,” which have lain 5 million tons of waste to illegal landfills and displaced many families from their homes. And in its desperate efforts to accommodate the Olympics, it has put the safety and security of both its inhabitants and tourists at risk. Sochi should have never been chosen to host the Olympics.

Russia is infamous for its legislature against human rights, a bill banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations (relations not conducive to procreation).” This bill, unanimously passed June 13, 2013, is precisely what makes Russia ineligible to host the Olympics. It is in direct violation of rule 51 of the Olympic Charter, which states “any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Russia’s homophobic persistence in hosting the Olympics has now endangered not only LGBT Olympians, but any American traveller, for whom a travel alert has been issued from the US. This alert, according to Deutsche Welle “warned Americans about the danger of petty crime and demonstrations, which are to only be allowed at a village several kilometers from Sochi.”

Russia was aware it would not be able to keep its promises. According to the Mother Nature Network, as early as 2010, “opposition politicians and other experts warned that Sochi — the Black Sea-bordering town hosting the upcoming games —would be an ecological disaster. The town’s landfills were all illegal and most of its sewage was dumped — untreated — right into the Black Sea, sometimes just a few hundred feet from the popular resort town’s beaches.” If Russia would not have promises to be broken, then Russian citizens along with every other citizen of the world would be much safer. Similarly, if the IOC would have been more prudent with its choice of Olympic location, then all of the Sochi safety concerns would have never been bred.


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