coca cola and india

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Coca-Cola, a company that champions water preservation in numerous videos on its website, does not practice what it preaches. Since 1999, Coca-Cola has depleted Indian groundwater reserves and replaced the water it takes–two thirds of which is used to clean factory floors and bottles–with groundwater pollution. Since the year 2000, Kerala, India has been plaguedRead more …

the burden of being a model minority

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Racial stereotypes are caricatures that limit a person’s potential to the confines of generalizations made by those outside their race. Stereotypically, Hispanic Americans clean homes and cut grass. Stereotypically, Black Americans live in ghettos and are criminals. Stereotypically, Native Americans live on reservations and have last names like “Redcorn” (a la the King of theRead more …

sochi not so clean

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In order for a country to host the Olympics, its ability to host the Olympics is measured by its levels of governmental support, general infrastructure, sport venues, Olympic Village(s), environmental conditions and impact, accommodation, transport, past experience, finance, and safety and experience. In Russia’s scramble to prepare for the Olympics and host this legendary event,Read more …